The Coathangers - Sicker

Solange’s Fader Cover Shoot (BTS)

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Anonymous said: Yo, a friend of mine told some white girl wearing a fake war bonnet and fake war paint that her shit was offensive and racist. The white girl's response was to cry and say that she couldn't possibly have fun anymore. How fresh is that?


Seriously, how fucking racist do you have to be for that to be the only way you can have fun?



YOU DEMANDED IT! Check out the full-length official trailer for Dear White People before it hits theaters this weekend. 


Its okay because I haven’t reblogged an Emma photo in a while. 

Its okay because I haven’t reblogged an Emma photo in a while. 

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An inner monologue while cruising “Tinder”:

"Oh she looks cute"

*taps i*

*Scrolls through pictures*

"She IS cute!”

*looks at her “about” section, reads first four words*

I don’t like cheese

*Swipes left*

3 for summer

Despite my very eclectic taste in music, I tend to take a while to “discover” new music.  However, when I do find “new” music (quotations marks because the artist is new to me, even though their careers may not be), I listen the shit out of their album - the whole thing all the way through, nearly everyday.  Recently, I’ve been listening to artists that are pretty current (as in they’re still actively touring, etc.), which is cool because I’ve finally been able to seek out shows to go to.  Anyway, so far these are three of my favorite 2014 releases thus far:

Anyway there they are… I highly doubt anybody who “follows” me on Tumblr are into these bands.  You’ll notice a lack of hip-hop and R&B and that’s just because nothing has really caught my ear recently.  Any suggestions? Let me know!

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A brilliant metaphor

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